For those who live Australia, outdoor entertaining is a regular daily activity. Spending time with your family and friends outside is the best way to enjoy their company. Organizing outdoor events can be fun, but you want to make sure that you have all the essentials. 

If you want to have a successful event, you have to have food, drink, and entertainment. A barbeque is the always the centrepiece of your outdoor space. When you’re expanding your space, you can add a number of elements. The one that you should definitely add to your space is a pizza oven. Here are five reasons you should add a pizza oven to your outdoor kitchen.

1. Pizza Ovens Have Multiple Purposes

You might be surprised to find out that pizza ovens have more than one purpose. Obviously, you can use these ovens to cook a pizza. Making garlic bread is also a way you can utilize a pizza oven, but these food items aren’t the only delicacies you can make. A wood-fired oven can cook a wide variety of foods so that you can make unique meals for your friends and family. 

Pizza ovens are so versatile that you can cook anything that you want in them. Do you want to cook some vegetables? A wood-fired oven can do that with ease. Want to roast some meats? A pizza oven will make the meat tender. You can even bake bread in a pizza oven.

2. Wood-fired Oven Cook Fast and Enhance Flavours

It’s pretty commonly acknowledged that pizza that’s cooked in a wood-fired oven tastes better than the average pizza. This enhanced flavour comes about thanks to a few different elements. The first element contributing to taste is that the pizza is cooked at a much higher temperature. These ovens are made to heat evenly even at the high temperatures it achieves. These elements combined means that the pizza is heated evenly and done at a quicker time than if it were cooked in a conventional oven. 

Thanks to the unique design of pizza ovens, the pizza baked within in them have a unique flavour that can be described as smoky. It’s a flavour that cannot be achieved without a wood-fired oven. You’re guaranteed to get the perfect pizza with a pizza oven.

5 Reasons Why Outdoor Kitchens Should Always Have a Pizza Oven 5 Reasons Why Outdoor Kitchens Should Always Have a Pizza Oven 3

3. Ovens Lower Energy Costs

Another big advantage to installing a pizza oven is that they help you save energy. One of the reasons that energy costs are reduced is due to the speed at which food is cooked. Conventional ovens need at least 10 to 15 minutes at minimum to cook a pizza completely through. An outdoor brick oven, on the other hand, will have your pizza done in a 3 to 5 minute period. The reduced time reduces the energy needed to cook.

Time isn’t the only factor that contributes to the energy-saving qualities of a pizza oven. They are designed to be more energy efficient than other cooking equipment. They do need burning wood to create heat, but the costs are far more affordable than a normal oven. Since they don’t use any electricity or gas, you’re reducing your carbon footprint while enjoying your pizza and time with your family.

4. Perfect for Those Who Are Picky About Their Pizza

Some people are very picky about their pizza topping and how they like their pizza cooked. With a pizza oven, you don’t have to argue about what topping to get like you would with ordering pizza. You’re able to put any topping you like on top of the pizza you make in your wood-fired oven.

Pizza ovens also allow your topping to get crispier, taking the water out of all the topping. This process means that your pizza will not be soggy or oily. The cheese gets perfectly melted in a wood-fired oven instead of burnt. Pizza ovens give you the perfect pizza.

5. Ideal for Those Who Throw Parties

For those who love to entertain people, a pizza oven is an absolute must-have item in your alfresco BBQ. They not only give you the best food in the shortest amount of time, but they require little effort, allowing you to socialise with the people around you without worrying too much about what’s being cooked. They’re also a great conversation piece for you and your other friends who love the outdoors and cooking. Maybe you can convince your friends to get their very own at Barbecue Bazaar.