If you are someone who enjoys a good barbecue, having an outdoor kitchen on your property can already feel like a perk all on its own. You are able to get the family and your best friends outside to enjoy good weather and otherwise pleasantly coalesce out in the fresh air. You get to cook and enjoy good food and have an attractive setup in your backyard that others that could make any friend or neighbour envious.

But one factor that is often overlooked when home and property owners are considering an investment in a quality outdoor kitchen is how having one can add value to the property.

This is a truth real estate experts have been laying out for homeowners for years. Year after year, outdoor living spaces – including outdoor kitchens – have consistently trended high up in the ranks as valuable and appealing outdoor design projects for home improvement.

As to how they add value to a property, there are a number of reasons why and how outdoor kitchens have been identified as a smart outdoor property project to invest in. You can read about the primary reasons outlined below.

Outdoor kitchens serve as a space to entertain guests outdoors. Once you have set up a well-designed outdoor kitchen in your backyard – including attractive outdoor fridges, BBQ equipment, and lounge structures – your property has become that much more attractive to home buyers.

Outdoor kitchens bring personality to your property – and personality sells. Distinctive features on a property not only have the potential to catch the eyes of home buyers – they also create an inviting picture. A stylish outdoor kitchen relays to both real estate agents and interested buyers that your property can support a stylish lifestyle with entertainment potential. Everyone needs a space to throw their first house-warming party, right? Whether scanning home listings online or in print, buyers can scroll through any number of properties that just have the bare minimum. Distinctive features such as an outdoor kitchen, on the other hand, add intrigue. It doesn’t matter whether you are talking about a house or a person – personality is a plus.

How an Outdoor Kitchen Adds Value to Your Property How an Outdoor Kitchen Adds Value to Your Property 3

They can be more affordable than costlier indoor home improvement projects. It is only too easy to throw down big money for grand renovations indoors. Real estate experts here in Australia have estimated that building/renovation costs for indoor areas such as bathrooms, living rooms, and bedrooms can cost anywhere between approximately $10,000 to $45,000.

And the return on investment (ROI) you will get from these home improvement projects may vary.

On the other hand, global experts such as CNN Money have reported that a quality outdoor kitchen can be an excellent way to fetch a satisfying ROI – of up to 200%.  Building costs can comparatively be lower for your outdoor kitchen instalments as well, though it may be prudent to try and outline a budget plan before diving in straight away. However, whether you are investing a few hundred at a time or a few thousand dollars into your outdoor kitchen, the trendiness of this property feature can at least provide some reassurance that you have made a financially-smart decision for your property’s overall value.

They are social hubs are in demand on the real estate market. As already stated throughout this article, distinctive features such as outdoor kitchens, which are able to serve as prime spaces for outdoor entertainment and events, can be very attractive to home buyers. Even though they are becoming more common on properties, they are still considered a ‘luxury perk’ which in itself can sound quite alluring. What this also means is that more often than not, people will also be willing to pay more for properties that possess a well-designed and well-equipped outdoor kitchen.

Besides the aesthetic appeal of outdoor kitchens, they also provide space to foster and maintain emotional connections as areas that are perfect for friend and family gatherings. Property owners can start up the barbecue, or just lounge around with some drinks, and it will still feel like a special, rewarding space to be able to call your own.

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