Meatstick 4 Pro

Meatstick 4 Pro 3
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Meatstick 4 Pro

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MeatStick 4
Quad Sensors Wireless Meat Thermometer

Ditch messy wires and cooking errors with MeatStick 4. Cook effortlessly—indoors with ovens and air fryers, or outdoors with grills and smokers. Monitor your meat from 650+ ft away using Xtender™ built-in MeatStick 4X Charger for ultimate convenience.

The MeatStick 4 is designed with a patented Dual-Shell™ build that’s dishwasher-safe and deep-fryer proof. Built to last 70+ hours, perfect for all meat types, especially American BBQ. Featuring True Temperature Quad Sensors, including three internal sensors (up to 212ºF/100ºC) and one ambient sensor (up to 572°F/300°C), ensuring precise results.

Enhance your cooking with The MeatStick App, your smart sous-chef. It offers pro features: CookTime™ Smart Alerts, guided cook list, intuitive interface, and Cook Notes (iOS only). Avoid over/undercooking with real-time monitoring. Works on iOS/Android, even Apple Watch, for cooking freedom.


Next-Gen True Temperature Quad Sensors with Temp Accuracy ±1 °F / ±0.5 °C: 3 Internal Temp Sensors (32-212°F); 1 Ambient Sensor (32-572°F)
• Patented Dual-Shell™ High Durability: Deep-Fry, Sous-Vide & Dishwasher Safe
• 650+ ft Range Extension using Xtender™ built-in MeatStick 4X Charger
• 70+ hours Long-Lasting Battery Life
• App Controlled: The MeatStick App (iOS/Apple Watch/Android) with CookTime™ Smart Alerts
• Charger with Magnetic Back for Easy Access - Powered by 2 AA Batteries (not included)
🎁 What's in the Box? 
 1 Stick (Dark Grey) + 1 X Charger 
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