Misty Gully Cure#2 Curing Salts

Cure 2 500g 2 Misty Gully Cure#2 Curing Salts 3

Misty Gully Cure#2 Curing Salts



Cure #2

6% & 4% – 500g (Salami etc.)

Misty Gully Curing Salts

Australia’s #1 brand for curing salts, Misty Gully’s premium range offers products you can trust to will deliver the best possible results to both professional and home chefs alike. We have three specific curing salts, perfect for any project.

Cure #2 – Our cure #2 contains 6% nitrites and 4% nitrates, designed for longer curing processes, 10-28 days. Over time, nitrates will break down and essentially become nitrites, thus extending the safe curing process for products such as prosciutto, salami and capicola.

These products are often referred to as pink salt, prague powder or salt peter. The use of curing salts is essential in the safe production of home made and commercially made small goods, preventing life threatening illnesses such as botulism and listeria. For more information, please contact us here.

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