It’s no secret that Australians know their barbecue. Growing up, you may remember watching your family throw the traditional BBQ foods on the barbie – your meats, your typical BBQ vegetables. Maybe you still grill these often yourself – and for good reason, they’re delicious!

But a good BBQ can be more than just what is expected. With a hungry heart and stomach, not to mention a passion for good barbecue, you can really grill just about anything. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves (yet).

However, there are a number of foods many frequent barbecue users leave out when gathering ingredients for their next use of the barbie. Besides the standard vegetables and meats, there are quite a few foods that unexpectedly taste better cooked on a barbecue than not.

See how many of these food items you have already experimented with on the barbie yourself, and which ones you can add to the menu for next time!

1. Avocados

If you thought avocados couldn’t taste better – think again. Avocados taste fantastic cooked up as is on your barbecue, or as components for other dishes such as homemade burgers and salads.

2. Peaches

Yes, you read that right! Caramelising fruits like peaches and plums on your barbie can actually unveil a whole extra level of sweetness, making this a great sweet treat to add to your plates of meats and vegetables.

3. Tomatoes

More than just delicious, tomatoes actually offer additional nutrients when cooked. Placing a couple slabs of fresh tomatoes on your barbie, and thereby cooking them, triggers the release an antioxidant called lycopene, which can offer benefits for your heart health.

But if you could give or leave the health benefits, the juiciness and tenderness of barbecued tomatoes are terribly underrated and thereby worth cooking up all the same.

Top 10 Foods That Are Unexpectedly Better Cooked On The Barbie Top 10 Foods That Are Unexpectedly Better Cooked On The Barbie 3

4. Halloumi

Grab a few (or many) slices of toast and a little olive oil to accompany the tasty perfection that is halloumi cheese grilled on your barbie. Unlike some other cheeses, halloumi has a high melting point, which means you can grill thick, delicious slices directly over the grates of your barbecue grill – if you so wish.

5. Sweet Potato Slices

Cut a few sweet potatoes into generous, thick slices to give your tastebuds something to be happy about. Drizzle with a little olive oil and salt, and you will never want to bake or steam this starchy vegetable ever again – to the barbecue it is!

6. Grapes

Another sweet and healthy food to add to your next BBQ ingredient lineup is grapes. You probably know just how great they taste fresh or even frozen, but next time you are stocked up, try grabbing a bunch to get some heat on your barbie.

Just let them cook for a few minutes, turning the small bunch occasionally, and you will be all set with some grilled grapes to eat on their own or to add to another dish or salad.

7. Romaine Lettuce

Let’s face it – lettuce can be pretty boring on its own. But grilled on your barbecue? Your thoughts on romaine will never be the same. For once you will be craving the green stuff rather than your usual salad toppings.

Simply cut a head of lettuce in half, wash, and sear on both sides for those unmistakable grilling marks that signify you have got some good food coming your way. Then drizzle with olive oil and a sprinkling of salt, or use your more-than-tolerable romaine to toss together a killer cooked salad.

8. Lemons

Try grilling your own lemons to add unbeatable smoothness and sweetness to some homemade lemonade. With some lemons, honey, and herbs, you just need to cook the lemons to a light-brown before setting them aside to cool before squeezing.

And finally….

9. Bananas – For a Grilled Banana Split!

Trust us – this is one of those things you have got to try at least once. Now that you have learned it can be done, you have no choice but to let your taste buds try taking this one for a spin.

If you are truly a barbecue-lover, you may be thinking: Why did I not think of this sooner?

Paired with your other standard ingredients for the classic dessert, your grilled banana split will be a treat to remember – and one to replicate again and again!

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