As the warm weather rolls around, most of us will head for the garden and fire up the BBQ. While meat is the centrepiece of most barbeques, not all meats are suitable to throw on the grill, and it’s important to know the best cuts to use. Here are some of the best meats to stock up on next time you’re throwing a BBQ.


From ribs to a steak, there are lots of cuts of beef that are quick and easy to cook, plus some that take longer, but can be left on the BBQ to cook. If you’re planning a BBQ in Perth, then here are a few ways you can use beef.chicken wings on a portable barbeque


Some of the best cuts of steak for the BBQ include:

  • Ribeye – this bone in steak is ideal to cook quickly at a high heat, sealing in the flavour
  • T-Bone – a thick steak that’s quick to BBQ, it’s best cooked medium rare at a high heat to keep it juicy
  • Tenderloin – easy to cook on the grill in just a few minutes, this steak is tender and delicious
  • Rump – an inexpensive cut, which is ideal when you’ve got a big crowd, this steak is firmer, but still delicious


Brisket is an inexpensive shoulder joint which is ideal for slow cooking at a low temperature. Trim the fat, rub with brown sugar and paprika, and place it over a drip pan away from the direct heat of the BBQ. If you have an outdoor kitchen BBQ, then you simply leave it for an hour with the lid down. The meat is then either shredded or sliced, and is ideal for serving in baps when you’re cooking for a crowd.


No matter how much of a gourmet chef you fancy yourself to be, sometimes all you want is a really good burger. It’s easy to make your own burgers, and you can then put out extras from lettuce and cheese, to beetroot and pineapple, so guests can make their favourite burger combination.


Chicken is fairly easy to BBQ, although it can sometimes fall apart or get burnt on the outside before it’s fully cooked inside. If you are planning an alfresco BBQ, then ideally, you’ll want to cook chicken dishes that are easy to eat by hand, rather than needing a knife and fork.

To avoid chicken that’s burnt on the outside, it’s better to cook at a low heat for a long time, and avoid charring over the flame. Boned chicken such as drumsticks and thighs are usually the best option, as they just need to be basted with some BBQ sauce, then can be placed away from the hottest part of the BBQ for around an hour, turning regularly. It’s worth investing in a meat thermometer for barbeques, as this ensures the chicken is cooked properly inside.

If you prefer the breast meat, make chicken kebabs on skewers. Use diced chicken breasts with onion, peppers, and other vegetables, then cook on the grill for around 15 minutes. They’re a healthy option for parties, and you can add any glaze that you like.


It’s important to choose fish that won’t fall apart at high heats. Swordfish is a favourite for BBQs as it’s firm and gets grill marks on the BBQ, while snapper with its skin left on will also stand up to the heat. If you are cooking something more delicate such as salmon, and have an outdoor BBQ kitchen from Barbecue Bazaar, then cook fillets on a cedar plank, or wrapped in foil, to keep the fish moist while still ensuring it’s cooked through. When cooking shrimp, keep it simple. Brush with oil on both sides and season, then cook for two to three minutes per side, preferably on skewers to make serving easier.


Hot dogs are a BBQ classic, and easy to cook in a meat holder over the grill. Again, you can just put out lots of toppings for guests, from mustard to pickles, so they can build their own. Pulled pork is a big trend that has come over from America, and is surprisingly easy to do. Take a large pork shoulder joint, and make a blend of ketchup, brown sugar, and vinegar, coating the meat in this sticky mixture. For the best results, use a BBQ pit or smoker, but you can also cook it on a BBQ over a medium temperature for three to four hours. Take it off the grill, wrap in foil, and allow it to rest for 20 minutes before shredding.

The great thing about barbequing is that it gives you so many options. There’s no need to serve burgers and hot dogs at every occasion, and the majority of meats can be barbecued if you use the right technique. Whether you’re cooking for the family or for a crowd, there’s always a good excuse for a BBQ.