While there are certainly plenty of excuses and occasions year-round to justify making use of your outdoor kitchen, fall is widely-regarded as the best time of the year to start up your barbie.

Or if you are not yet stocked with your outdoor kitchen essentials, you will want to get on that as soon as possible. Autumn is the season to cease merely enjoying the wafts of mouthwatering aromas from your neighbours’ own BBQs, and instead gear up with your own meats, veggies, spices, and more for tastes and smells you can personally appreciate.

From the crisp air that is nothing if not inviting the warmth of your grill, to the holidays coming up just around the corner, there are a number of reasons autumn is the best time to make sure you are stocked with your barbecue essentials.

You probably do not need much of a nudge to fire up your grill and gather a few friends to kick back and cook with you, but if you do need that push, here are more reasons you’ll want to make use of your outdoor kitchen this season.

It is harvest season for many of your grilling favourites. In Western Australia territories especially, March is the beginning month for much of the region’s fish harvesting. Crayfish, prawns, and scallops in particular are often harvested throughout our autumn months, making it a great time to get the freshest fish out on your barbie for delicious grilling.

Not a fish fan? Many of your favourite veggies for outdoor BBQ will be fresh for delectable grilling this season as well. You can look into your local markets to check out what the freshest BBQ ingredients are in your area during the transeasonal months of autumn, but you will likely have a great deal to choose from.

Why Autumn is the Best Time of Year for Outdoor Kitchen BBQing Why Autumn is the Best Time of Year for Outdoor Kitchen BBQing 3

The transeasonal weather is perfect for friend and family gatherings. Backyards aplenty will be full of kids running around, taking a dip in the pool, with adults comfortable kicking back, beverage in hand. And why not? The weather is great, if sometimes unpredictable, with your warm and cool breezes intermingling from this day to the next.

And there is no doubt, whether you are hosting a small or large party for family and friends, you will need some way to feed the hungry crowds. What better way is there than to start up your barbecue? You’ll be able gril up food on your barbie that will create lasting aromas, making your backyard smell almost impossibly delicious even after everyone’s stomachs are full and satisfied.

Autumn is a wonderful time to make some memories, and with the right barbecue equipment, you can make each passing season more memorable than the last. The shared need and love for food by the favourite people in your life makes it the perfect opportunity to gather everyone around and embrace what we love best: quality time with each other, an appreciation for the outdoors, and the best barbecues across the globe!

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