Commercial and Park Style BBQ's

Barbecue Bazaar supplies commercial heating and flat plate barbecue cooktops/cabinets for projects including parks, sporting clubs, worksites, residential complexes, mine sites, mine camps, resorts, hospitals, and retirement living.

Public Barbecues & Heating

Know exactly what your project requires? Need some guidance? Our experienced team will provide a tailored solution, from product recommendations to freight and delivery across WA. Request a free quote today for more information.

Public Barbecues

The public barbecue is iconically Australian. Whether you’re looking for pre-fabricated cabinets, flat-plate barbecues, or cooktops to complete your custom outdoor kitchen, our experienced team can facilitate a seamless installation.

Our public barbecues are easily assembled, easy to maintain, and built to stand strong for years. Plus, they’re delivered pre-assembled for convenience and easy installation. For more information, contact our knowledgeable team today.


Designed for heavy use and consistent performance, our cooktops use the least energy possible to cook quickly and evenly for large groups. They provide the ideal balance between cooking effectiveness and energy efficiency.

Ease of Use

Our barbecues are incredibly easy to use. Initiate the cooking cycle with a simple push button, and the grill automatically shuts off after a certain period. Our gas or electric units use either a free push button, coin-operated, or a key-operated ignition. With safety front-of-mind, our public barbecues minimise the risk of injury and remove hazardous flames and coals.


Our robust cooktops and cabinets are equipped to handle the vast conditions across Western Australia. They adhere to all standards for both universal access and public safety. Even better – they're easy to clean and require little maintenance. Save money while offering cooking facilities that are sanitary, functional, and safe!


A public barbecue makes a great spot for groups to connect and enjoy the outdoors. They’re an attractive feature for future residents and visitors across suburban, apartment and retirement communities.

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