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Pellet smokers, or pellet grills, require food-grade wood to smoke your meat properly. But, instead of throwing in those larger wood pieces, they require wood pellets.

This ensures a more even heat flow and makes pellet grills much easier and cleaner to use. Users can simply adjust the airflow controls to reach their desired temperatures and maintain them.

Pellet smokers are also quite versatile and are very user-friendly. By using wooden pellets, they’re also energy-efficient. They are ideal for smoking, searing, grilling, or baking meats.


Why Pellet Smokers Are Gaining Popularity

Smoking meat is a phenomenon in the US that is rapidly gaining in popularity across Australia. Why is this? Well, you can break it down into five key reasons: it’s convenient because pellet smokers are easy to work with. With the use of digital control, it is possible to maintain consistency with the cook. You also can’t deny the rich flavour that comes from the smoke. Pellet smokers in Perth and abroad are versatile pieces of kit for anything from roasting and baking to smoking and grilling. And by using indirect heat it is also a healthier way to cook food.


How Pellet Smokers Work

Simply load the hopper, set the temperature and away you go. It works by burning the pellets at the bottom of the pot. A grill is positioned near the fire inside the chamber and it is the circulation of heat and smoke that does the work.


A Brief History Of Pellet Smokers

Before pellet smokers were big in Perth, they were quite popular overseas during the 1980s. An old design in the US involved a metal bucket loaded with wood pellets and a heating element to produce smoke. Over the years this innovation has been refined by manufacturers both locally and abroad.


Advantages of Pellet Smokers


Consistent Temperature Control

The use of thermostat and temperature control technologies means that pellet smokers are actually very reliable when it comes to precision. At first glance they may seem like a rudimentary, even unwieldy, means to cook food however you would be surprised by how effective they are. This is especially advantageous when you compare other BBQ equipment that may not have the same features.


Versatility in Cooking Styles

Pellet smokers are not a one-trick pony in that they do more than just smoke meat. Like most BBQs, this equipment can be used to grill fish, bake a chicken, roast a side of beef, and cook vegetables. The potential for what you can cook outdoors with a pellet smoker in Perth is incredible. Tap into your inner chef and get creative.


Convenience And Ease of Use

It isn’t rocket science to set up and use a pellet smoker in Perth. The fuel you use is wood pellets and these need to be loaded before you do anything else. Ensure the grill is in place and ready to go. The heat and the smoke from the burning pellets are what you use to cook your food resting on the grill. Rely on the thermostat or a thermometer to manage the internal cooking temperature and that is about it.


Clean and Efficient Fuel Source

The pellets you use to fuel a smoker are essentially tiny bits of wood. It is clean and efficient to use. There is another benefit, too. You do not need to rely on flammable liquids to get this cook started. If safety with dangerous goods is a concern well, fortunately, pellet smokers are generally a safer option.


Flavour and Aroma Enhancement

Pellet smokers are well known for enhancing the flavour of food. That is their unique selling point. The type of wood pellet you use, from apple to cherry to hickory, will define the overall aroma and flavour. This can change the game when it comes to preparing meals outdoors.


Choosing the Right Pellet Smoker


Size and Capacity

What will you be using your pellet smoker in Perth for? Whether it’s a quiet evening outdoors with the immediate family or a party with a large gathering, these are the factors that will help you determine what size and capacity you need.


Build Quality and Durability

Did you know that there are a variety of pellet smokers to choose from? They come in a range of materials including stainless steel, and even cast iron. High-quality BBQ equipment is built to last and that is important if you want to get the most out of your pellet smoker. To learn more about the build quality and durability of our selection of pellet smokers in Perth, give us a call.


Temperature Range and Precision

A great pellet smoker has the gadgets you need for a precise cook. Controlling the temperature is easy with digital controllers and thermostats. This is what makes modern-style pellet smokers such a great choice when looking at the complete range of BBQs on the market. Cook with confidence with reliable, efficient pellet smokers that add tremendous flavour.


Extra Features and Accessories

Get all the bling and add meat probes, side shelves, and racks. Tailor your cooking equipment to help you get the most out of your investment. Consider the capacity of your pellet hopper, too. How long do you need to cook for? It might be worth upgrading or scaling up to ensure you have the best tools for your next adventure outdoors.


Budget Considerations

What is your budget like? Fortunately, you can choose from small, modest, pellet smokers right through to large-scale designs. Whatever you need, we have options that scale accordingly. Need help settling on the best model for you? Simply give us a call, tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll steer you in the right direction.


Pellet Smoker FAQs


How Long Do Pellets Last In A Hopper?

How you use the smoker will determine how long the pellets will last in the hopper. The main factors include the hopper size, the temperature you are cooking at as well as how long you cook for. The more intense the flame, and the longer you run the smoker, the quicker you will burn through the pellets.


Can I Use Different Types Of Pellets In My Smoker?

The best thing about pellet smokers is you can use whatever type of pellets you prefer. Feel free to experiment with a range of pellets to find the flavour profile you like best. As you would expect, pellets with a fruity note will lead to sweeter tastes whereas something like hickory will promote a dark, rich aroma and flavour. In terms of pairing the pellets with your food, you might be inclined to try something mild like maple for a delicate dish like fish. Strong notes of hickory may be too overpowering so do be mindful of how you smoke your food.


How Often Should I Clean My Pellet Smoker?

We would recommend cleaning the pellet smoker every time you opt for a different pellet type because you may experience a sort of cross-contamination with conflicting aromas and flavours. To do this, let the pellet smoker run for a few minutes after changing the pellets to ensure that you not only clear what was left behind but you allow sufficient time for the new pellets to kick in.


How Do I Season My Pellet Smoker?

This really depends on the type of pellet smoker that you have but generally, it is a fairly simple process if you are firing it up for the first time. As always, read the guidelines from the manufacturer first. Always read the manual before doing anything just in case there is a safety feature or specific sequence to follow for your BBQ equipment.


How Do I Know When My Meat Is Done Cooking?

It is just like cooking with any other appliance. Most meats have a recommended cook time at specific temperatures. The same applies to a pellet smoker. The food should be cooked all the way through which you can confirm by cutting a slice and ensuring there are no raw or undercooked sections in the middle. To learn more about how to cook like a pro with our BBQ gear, give us a call.

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