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Get out of the cold and keep your family comfortable year-round with our big range of quality heaters for every room in and outside your house. We’re the Perth experts for everything heaters, with top deals on all of the latest styles of heaters to keep you comfortable. Warm your internal or external space today with heaters from the best brands on the market at extremely competitive prices. Save time and money by selecting the right partner for your heater purchase this winter. Order your heaters online for fast, contactless delivery or visit our friendly team in-store now.


Find the perfect heaters for your home today


We have a huge variety of high-quality heaters to keep you warm this winter. Our experienced sales team can deliver the ultimate heating solution for every area of your home, from heaters for small rooms to heaters for large outdoor locations. We can help you discover the benefits of every style, from electric heaters to gas fireplace heaters to ceramic heaters and many more.


Every Perth home needs heaters for total comfort


For most of the year, Perth weather provides beautiful natural warmth. Yet, when winter descends on Western Australia, the heat of the summer months can make the bite of winter seem freezing! Once June arrives, heaters are on everyone’s wish list. Enhance your lifestyle now with the right advice to simplify the purchase of your new heaters. Connect with our dedicated sales team or visit our store for everything you need to keep warm today!


Get the right advice on heaters now


Don’t regret your heater purchase by getting the wrong advice for your home. Contact the team that understands the specific requirements of heating Perth homes. Our team will explain the difference between all of the latest heating technology used in modern heaters and provide expert advice on the features that you need to keep warm. We can present you with the best options for delivering total comfort for years to come.


Safety first heaters for your family


Our team will discuss your unique heating application to ensure you get maximum heat with total safety from your new heaters. We understand that the health and safety of your family are one of your biggest concerns, and we have an extensive range of ultra-safe products to meet your exact needs.


Reduce your power bill fast


We can help reduce your power bill with energy-saving heaters that consume far less electricity than older-style heaters that you currently use in your home. Reducing the energy consumption of your heating appliances can often result in your new heaters paying for themselves over time.


Our range of heaters


  • Inbuilt Wood Heaters
  • Gas Heaters
  • Electric Heaters
  • Ceramic Heaters
  • Freestanding Wood Heaters
  • Radiant Heaters


FAQs – Common Perth Heater Questions


Do you offer heaters with remote control heat settings?


Absolutely, many of our electric heaters offer a remote control option for ultra convenient warmth with remote operation of heat settings.


What kind of heater is best?


It depends! The style or brand of heater best suited to your home depends on your heating goals, budget, and property characteristics. We’ll help you select the right option after answering some simple questions.


Which type of heater is the cheapest to run?


Infrared radiant heaters are often the cheapest to run. However, the most affordable appliance to run doesn’t always equal the best option for your needs.


What type of heater gives off the most heat?


Generally, heaters that use gas as fuel generate the most heat for the least amount of energy.


Can I get contactless delivery for my new heater?


Yes! We offer contactless delivery for our range of heaters and appliances to homes around Australia.


Is an electric blanket better than using heaters?


No, not really, particularly if you like to move freely around the room! Options like a quilted electric blanket prevent movement as they need to cover your body to provide heat and remain connected to power. Electric blankets or throws are best suited to use on a lounge or bed.


Do you have a discount offer at the moment?


Yes! We offer extensive savings on heaters every day of the year.


Do you sell fan heaters or space heaters?


No! We specialise in high-quality permanent warming solutions for indoor and outdoor applications along with portable heaters for alfresco areas at the right price.


Do you offer installation services?


Yes! We offer an extensive range of services to assist with installing your new heaters in your home at our shop.

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