Electric Smokers

Versatile, easy to use and clean, electric smokers have become incredibly popular for people just getting into the smoking game.

If you want to save time and need a smoker that’ll bring out that great flavour you want from your meat, you can’t go wrong with an electric smoker. Electric smokers don’t create a mess, unlike their charcoal-based variants. There’s also quite a bit of choice available when it comes to the design and features. Many electric smokers also come with a full complement of accessories.

Electric smokers require relatively few components to smoke the meat. The heating coils increase the temperature within the chamber, which is circulated throughout using convection.

Electric smokers generally have a heating element, a cooking chamber, a water pan, and grill racks. The digital control panel lets you easily control the temperature to get that unique smoky taste.

Electric smokers are ideal for grilling, searing, baking, roasting, and smoking different meats. They even have space for holding lump charcoal or briquettes to enhance the smoky flavour.

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