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Welcome to BBQ Bazaar, your ultimate destination for premium quality BBQ smokers in Perth. Whether you’re a seasoned pitmaster or just beginning your smoking journey, our extensive collection caters to every need.

Dive into our range of bullet smokers, perfect for smoking all kinds of meat with their efficient space-saving design. Explore our electric smokers, a favorite for those seeking convenience without compromising flavor. For traditional smoking enthusiasts, our gas smokers offer the classic smoky taste with modern efficiency.

Also don’t miss our offset smokers, ideal for slow barbecues and authentic flavour. And for those who value precision and ease, our pellet smokers provide a modern twist to traditional smoking methods.


Bullet Smokers


The bullet smoker gets its name because of its narrow, cylindrical shape and its dome-like lid. It’s one of the most popular BBQ smokers in Perth. Ideal for smoking all kinds of meat, including chicken, beef, and pork, bullet smokers don’t take up too much space and are great for hosting small BBQ parties or events. The smoking chamber usually has a charcoal pan at the bottom, with a water pan right above to control the temperature. If you know how to manage the temperature properly, bullet smokers can easily maintain 105-120 °C. The price range varies depending upon the size, and we sell bullet smokers from various brands. Bullet smokers are easy to clean once you’re done smoking your food.


Electric Smokers


Versatile, easy to use and clean, electric smokers have become incredibly popular for people just getting into the smoking game. If you want to save time and need a smoker that’ll bring out that great flavour you want from your meat, you can’t go wrong with an electric smoker. Electric smokers don’t create a mess, unlike their charcoal-based variants. There’s also quite a bit of choice available when it comes to the design and features. Many electric smokers also come with a full complement of accessories. Electric smokers require relatively few components to smoke the meat. The heating coils increase the temperature within the chamber, which is circulated throughout using convection. Electric smokers generally have a heating element, a cooking chamber, a water pan, and grill racks. The digital control panel lets you easily control the temperature to get that unique smoky taste. Electric smokers are ideal for grilling, searing, baking, roasting, and smoking different meats. They even have space for holding lump charcoal or briquettes to enhance the smoky flavour. Get your electric smoker at the best price today from BBQ Bazaar!


Gas Smokers


You’ll find an extensive variety of gas smokers at BBQ Bazaar. Gas smokers require propane to work instead of charcoal. Gas smokers also require wood to develop that smoky flavour that you’d want in your food. Instead of charcoal briquettes, gas smokers burn propane to generate heat. Most of these are made using high-quality cast iron or stainless steel, and they can easily slot into any type of kitchen setup outdoors. At BBQ Bazaar, we want to make it easier for customers to purchase gas smokers. We stock some of the most popular gas BBQ smokers in the market, ideal for both long cooks or for quickly smoking food items like mushrooms or garlic. We also have smokers available with different temperature ranges and multiple cooking racks. You can simply add one to your cart and get it delivered straight to your doorstep!


Offset Smokers


The offset smoker is a popular BBQ smoker. Instead of a pan at the bottom, these have a horizontal layout, with a cooking chamber that’s easily accessible and a firebox attached to one side. Offset smokers are ideal for slow barbecues. Users can control the temperature by opening the vents. You can easily add or reduce the charcoal or wood as you prefer to optimise heat flow. Explore our wide variety of offset BBQ smokers in Perth and pick one that best fits your needs today!


Pellet Smokers


Pellet smokers, or pellet grills, require food-grade wood to smoke your meat properly. But, instead of throwing in those larger wood pieces, they require wood pellets. This ensures a more even heat flow and makes pellet grills much easier and cleaner to use. Users can simply adjust the airflow controls to reach their desired temperatures and maintain them. Pellet smokers are also quite versatile and are very user-friendly. By using wooden pellets, they’re also energy-efficient. They are ideal for smoking, searing, grilling, or baking meats.


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