Everdure Kitchen Black

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Everdure Kitchen Black

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With its powerful burners, convenient setup, and rugged construction, the Everdure Neo Black 6-Burner Outdoor Kitchen is specially suited to become your garden or patio centrepiece, making it easy to create delicious dishes in a large, easily-accessible backyard setting. It also comes with an electronic rotisserie kit for added convenience when cooking.

Key Features
  • The Neo Black Outdoor Kitchen features a 6-burner gas BBQ, a cast-iron grill, and a flatplate to provide plenty of cooking space.
  • Built with a sink and storage module, this Everdure Outdoor Kitchen makes it convenient to prepare various ingredients and store them within easy reach.
  • Use the included double-door beverage cooler to keep your favourite drinks cool while cooking.
  • With its white granite benchtop, the Everdure Neo Black Outdoor Kitchen adds a stylish touch to your backyard.
  • For enhanced durability, this outdoor kitchen has 304 stainless steel construction with a sleek black finish.
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