Everdure Pizza Oven Kiln

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Everdure Pizza Oven Kiln



KILN R Series Oven

Traditional pizza with a new spin.

The KILN R Series 2-burner pizza oven is uniquely designed to create an effortless and authentic experience at home. With its multifunctional capabilities, the KILN can cook a large pizza in under 2 minutes, as well as sear or bake a range of dishes.

Featuring a rotating turntable and u-shaped burner, the KILN removes the need to manually turn your pizza and ensures an even cook every time. Easy to set-up, cook, clean and store, the KILN R Series is the perfect addition to your outdoor entertaining space. Enjoy traditional pizza with a new spin.

Available in three colours: Graphite, Stone & Terracotta

Key Features

• Use as a multifunctional oven to cook a range of other dishes
• Sleek, contemporary design
• Up to 50 hours of battery life for the turntable
• Dual-insulation body, maximising internal heat for energy efficiency
• Room to fit a large 16” pizza or a range of bakeware & cookware
• Heats up to 752°F in less than 15 minutes
• Cook the perfect pizza in under 2 minutes
• Button to operate the rotating turntable
• Rotating turntable powered by battery or mains, removing the need to turn pizza manually
• Removable pizza stone for easy clean-up
• Designed to fit common-sized benchtops
• Under-stone burner for the perfectly cooked base every time
• U-shaped burner for even heat distribution when cooking

Pizza Ovens & Accessories

Enhance your outdoor cooking experience with our KILN and range of accessories.

From pizza peels & cutters to the multifunctional Pizza Station, we have everything you need.


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