Parkland – Gallery

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Melbourne BBQ Centre

Parkland – Gallery


Call for Price

Call for Price

Above: DCSS6 Double stainless steel cabinet in Northern Territory

Above: SCPC8 Kingsize gas BBQ

Above: DCSS6 Kingsize electric BBQ, Ayers Rock

Above: DCPC23 Double cabinet with Queensize electric BBQs

Above: 2 x MBC6 Electric BBQs and sink set into custom built stainless steel cabinet (brickwork and leveling by others)

Above: DCPC6 Double Kingsize Electric BBQ powdercoated in Manor Red

Above: DCPC23-Sink Double cabinet with 2 x Queensize electric BBQs and sink, powdercoated, Woodland Grey

Above: DCSS23 Double stainless steel cabinet with Queensize BBQs, set very close to beach

Above: Oversize double cabinet with 2 x Queensize electric BBQs and sink, powdercoated black

Above SCPC6 Single cabinet with Kingsize electric BBQ

Above: SCPC23 Single cabinet BBQ with Queensize electric BBQ, powdercoated Alphatech Orange

Above: SCPC6 single cabinet with Kingsize electric BBQ, powdercoated standard Hawthorn Green

Above: Oversized cabinet with 2 x MBC8 gas Kingsize BBQs and sink (2900mm long cabinet)

Above: DCPC6 Double cabinet with Kingsize electric BBQs, powdercoated Hawthorne Green

Above: SCSS8 single cabinet with Kingsize Gas BBQ.

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