Spartan Spit Roaster Stainless Steel 1500

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Spartan Spit Roaster Stainless Steel 1500

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The Flaming Coals large spit roaster has been designed and tested to withstand the demands of cooking large lambs or pigs on a rotisserie. Its custom-built motor and solid stainless steel rod ensure that the event you are catering for is hassle-free.

The Hooded Spartan Stainless Spit Rotisserie 1500 by Flaming Coals is a solid and sturdy stainless steel spit roaster capable of cooking the largest of animals. Countless numbers of these spit rotisseries have been sold to restaurants, cafes, butchers and of course, the average home user wanting to cook a whole lamb for Easter. This has to be the best value for money lamb spit in Australia.

It comes standard with a custom-built Flaming coals 30kg Spit roast motor that will easily turn up to 30kg of balanced meat however if you are after peace of mind then you can upgrade the motor to the commercial-grade powerhouse available from the drop-down option. The spit skewer is a solid stainless steel 22mm diameter rod that won’t bend or warp and there are 2 large prongs, a back brace and a leg bracket to help you attach the lamb or pig to the skewer. A counterbalance weight is NOT included but is recommended if you are new to spit roasting or you are cooking a large animal where balancing may be an issue. There is also a charcoal pan that helps protect the spit body and always makes cleaning up a breeze, however, please note that due to the intended use of the charcoal pan, this component is not covered by warranty. The Spit roaster also had a lid that enables you to completely close your food while it is cooking, this gives to the option of slowly cooking the meat over a period of time. 


  • 201 stainless steel construction
  • 304 food-grade stainless steel accessories
  • Viewing window in the hood
  • Temperature gauge
  • Stainless steel charcoal pan insert
  • 30/60/100kg rated motor with 24-month warranty
  • Lockable wheels
  • 1 solid stainless steel skewer 1.6m
  • 2 large prongs
  • 1 back brace
  • 1 leg bracket
  • 2 large grills to cover the full cooking area
  • Large opening handle
  • 24-month warranty on motor / 12-month warranty on spit body. Warranty terms and conditions 
  • Charcoal pans are not covered by warranty. Charcoal pan usage guide

Note: Some photographs in this product listing may include additional accessories which aren’t included in package but can be purchased separately.


  • Lid Closed: 98cm (H) x 63cm (D) x 170cm (W)
  • Lid Open: 129 cm (H) x 71cm (D) x 170CM (W)
  • Cooking area: 142cm (L) x 44cm (D)
  • Shipping box dimensions: 154cm x 60cm x 58cm
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