As we’re blessed with a fantastic climate here, outdoor kitchens in Perth are becoming a feature of most modern homes. And why not? Everyone retreats to the garden on the beautiful summer days and even as we creep towards the colder months, we’ll be soaking up as much of that sunshine in our backyards as we can.

So, why settle for just your alfresco bbq when you can have an entire kitchen outdoors? Oven, sink, fridge  – even cabinets and a shiny counter? Outdoor kitchens are far easier to set up than you think. Barbecue Bazaar, barbecue Perth experts for over 30 years, has gathered some helpful tips to help you create the perfect outdoor kitchen to enjoy all year round.

  1. Plan your design

Even if you have a small space, you can be as elaborate and fancy as you like – stamp your personality on your outdoor space. You have a little more freedom with alfresco kitchens because if you want to be a bit silly, there’s room to play outdoors, whereas doing something outrageous indoors may upset the general design theme of your home.

When designing your outdoor kitchen you should consider your space constraints and also your own cooking style, as you still want to make it functional and easy to work in. What appliances will work for you? You may want a stone pizza oven, but if your space is limited, that may not be practical.

Also, consider the distance from your indoor kitchen to your outdoor kitchen. Are you going to be moving between the two, particularly for bigger occasions? If you’d prefer to be able to do everything outside, and you have the space, then design accordingly.

The basics you need to consider here are a prep area, a cooking area, fridge and storage. Also, consider the wiring – you may need to speak to an expert about this to make sure that it will all work.

  1. What’s your budget

Obviously, your budget plays a large part in what you can to create your perfect outdoor kitchen. Perth barbeque experts, Barbecue Bazaar, have a range of affordable options such as fridges, barbecues and gas log heaters, so you can find everything at a price that’s right for you. You can have some portable items that are easy to move around, as these will often work out as a cheaper alternative to their fixed counterparts.

The thing is, your budget shouldn’t limit you, you may simply have to adapt the type of items you need but you can still create a pleasant entertainment space.

Do keep in mind that outdoor bbq kitchens can be more expensive to install than your indoor kitchen, simply because all the items you choose need to be more heavy duty, to withstand the elements – high winds, rain, extremes of temperature and humidity.

  1. Choosing the right appliances and pieces

When choosing the right pieces for your outdoor kitchen, the main thing to consider is how tough they are. The range of barbecues in Perth is extensive, and these are built for the outdoors, but when you choose cabinets or a counter, they need to be specifically made for the outdoors. A different process is used to create outdoor cabinetry, for instance you might find cabinets made with stainless steel that are coated with another synthetic substance that gives the appearance of wood. This makes for an easier life for you, as they require less maintenance and cleaning than your indoor cabinets do.

If you’re thinking about stone, for its long-lasting qualities, also keep in mind that stone can be affected by the elements. Stone erodes and the fissures in granite expand at high temperatures. An alternative to stone is to use synthetic materials that are a blend of raw materials and made specifically for outdoor kitchens so they arrive waterproof, weatherproof and heat-resistant.

It’s also helpful to remember that some appliances are much more complicated to set up outdoors, such as dishwashers. They require complicated plumbing, so it’s far better to install a sturdy sink to rinse your dishes, or carry them inside to the dishwasher in your other kitchen. Ice makers are another item that don’t work well outdoors, as they require a lot of maintenance. This is when your eskies come into their own, and your outdoor refrigerator will probably have an ice box so you can keep it replenished. Some people go for a full refrigerator but you can also just have a drinks only fridge.

For cooking, if you’re not going with the trusty Perth barbeque, there’s still a variety of grill areas you can choose in brick or stone. You can add a slow cooker for variety to what you can offer in your cooking. If you fancy yourself as a proper chef, you can add a side gas or coal-grill to prepare other dishes. Pizza ovens are also becoming very popular, as they make food quick and easy, but super impressive.

Although it may be the boring part, it’s great to have some kind of cleaning area – a recycling bun that can be pulled out, and some kind of sink area for general clean up before and after. Having some sturdy drawers will make your outdoor kitchen complete, as you can store cooking utensils, tools, eskies and clean up materials.

If you can, invest in high quality brands, as they’ll last longer. Barbecue Bazaar has a whole range to choose from on our products page.

  1. Complete the look

Once you have the basics, it’s time to add the fun stuff. Add some cool or kitschy outdoor furniture that will last year round so you have a proper entertainment area for long summer days. If you’re short on space, you can always get some portable or camping equipment to set up when you’re throwing a party, or simply when everyone wants to come around to see your fantastic outdoor kitchen!

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