“Winter is coming.” These are words nobody wants to hear and, let’s face it, winters can get pretty chilly here in Perth. When the cold weather arrives there is always a temptation to pack away the barbecue, stow the patio furniture and retire to the cosy indoors until spring arrives.outdoor heaters at work

But the seasonal drop in temperatures needn’t make your outdoor space a no-go area. Even a small investment in outdoor heating can transform a chilly patio, veranda or deck into to a warm and welcoming outdoor space where you can wile away the winter evenings or even invite a few friends around.

There is something uniquely satisfying about enjoying the crisp evenings from your own cosy outdoor space and electric and gas outdoor heaters can provide a surprising amount of warmth, easily warding off the bite of the winter air.

The right outdoor heating solution for you will depend on a number of factors, such as the area you want to heat, the proximity of walls or ceilings, whether you prefer gas or electric, and, of course, style and aesthetics.

In general, there are two options to choose from:

Standalone Outdoor Heaters

Standalone gas outdoor heaters provide excellent convenience, versatility, and value for money. Because they come as a self-contained unit they can be easily moved to anywhere in your outdoor area providing a cosy circle of warmth that is perfect for personal use or small gatherings.

One of the big draws of standalone gas heaters is value for money. As they use natural gas they are cheap and clean to run and the price tags of the units themselves can be surprisingly low. Prices on quality outdoor gas heaters start below the $400 mark and even the higher end models usually come in under $1,000.

Mounted Outdoor Heaters

Depending on the size and model, wall- or ceiling-mounted mounted outdoor heaters can crank out serious amounts of heat. Often the outdoor heater of choice for restaurants and bars with outdoor areas, they are also an excellent solution for the home if you need to heat a large outdoor space.

If you do have a large outdoor area you wish to warm up, then gas heaters are the way to go. Base models will comfortably heat up to 16 square meters with top-of-the-line outdoor heaters covering significantly larger areas with simple touch-of-a-button functionality. Electric mounted outdoor heaters are also available, though they are usually more suited for smaller areas.

Key Benefits of Outdoor Heaters

An outdoor heater can be an excellent addition to your outdoor space for a number of reasons:

Enjoy an Endless Summer – There is nothing more Australian than a relaxing barbecue with friends. A good outdoor heater means you enjoy this and some of your other favourite summertime activities all year around. Patios and verandas can also be great places to unwind and take a break from the hectic day-to-day of professional and family life. With a good outdoor heater you can enjoy your peaceful haven whenever you wish.

An Affordable Luxury – When you think about the hours of enjoyment that an outdoor heater can provide the price tag begins to look very attractive. For just a few hundred dollars you will get a sturdy heater that will warm the average outdoor space for years to come. With gas remaining one of the cheaper home heating fuels and electric models offering the best in energy efficiency, they can also be surprisingly affordable to run.

Clean an Easy to Use – Almost all mounted outdoor heaters can be turned on and off with the flick of a switch while modern freestanding gas models come with simple ignition systems that will have you up and running in seconds. State-of-the-art designs mean that cleaning and maintenance is a cinch while standalone models can easily be moved to wherever you need the warmth the most.

Safety and Peace of Mind – Outdoor gas heaters come with full safety features to keep your home, your family and your pets safe while delivering excellent peace of mind. Gas heaters do not produce an exposed open flame and the base stays cool to ensure there is no risk to small children, cats or dogs. All freestanding heaters should also have a ‘tip-over’ safety switch that will cut off gas supply if accidentally knocked over. If you are buying a gas model, be sure to check that it is approved by the Australian Gas Association (AGA).

If you would like to winter-proof your patio, balcony or veranda, Barbecue Bazaar offers an extensive range of attractive gas and electric outdoor heaters for every setting and for every budget. Contact us today to find the perfect outdoor heating solution for your home.