Cooking on an open fire is one of those simple pleasures, one that for many of us makes camping trips to destinations near and far all the more appealing. While this is a pleasure that we can enjoy much of the year, there are often fire restrictions put in place to minimise the risk of bushfires and when those hot and dry summer months roll around, we need to seek alternatives that enable us to cook tasty meals in the great outdoors.

Portable barbeques are the answer and at Barbeque Bazaar we have a great range of camping and portable barbeques which are available in both solid fuel and gas models. The latter is the best choice for camping during the summer months when fire restrictions are often in place but there’s a lot to be said for choosing a solid fuel barbeque for camping expeditions at other times of the year.

camping barbeque

Choosing the Right Portable Barbeque for Your Requirements

In addition to gas and solid fuel models, you’ll need to consider the size and weight of the barbeque that you select, along with your budget, the features it boasts and other factors, including product quality and warranties. Here are some of the questions that you’ll need to ask yourself:

  • Can I carry the barbeque easily?

Most portable barbeques are small enough to be carried easily, though you should also consider the weight, as some materials, for example, cast aluminium, are lighter than others. Consider the weight as well as height and width to get a good idea of how easy a barbeque will be for you to carry.

  • Gas or solid fuel?

Both are great choices, though you have to think of when and where you’ll use the barbeque. As mentioned earlier, fire restrictions in summer make gas a better choice, though there’s something very special about cooking on an open fire and that’s why many people prefer solid fuel barbeques.

In addition to fire restrictions, you should also think about factors such as:

  • Will you use the barbeque at home? Another advantage to portable gas barbeques is that they’re also great in small alfresco spaces where it isn’t possible to have an open fire, like apartment balconies that lack the space for a freestanding barbeque. However, if you have a backyard and would use it there, perhaps a solid fuel barbeque would be a better choice.
  • Which is more convenient for you? If you’re not a regular camper and the thought of having to get a fire going (with fire starters, etc. this is very easy) in the morning to cook breakfast and other meals doesn’t appeal to you, then a gas BBQ would perhaps be more suitable.

What’s more, while you may decide that a gas barbeque is the better choice, as we offer affordable and easy-to-use portable charcoal grills and other options, you can always complement outdoor gas cooking (when fire restrictions aren’t in place) with barbequed foods cooked over an open fire.

  • Will it be easy for me to use?

This is a very important question to ask yourself. Most portable barbeques are extremely simple and easy to operate and they’re very safe also, which is another important consideration. When comparing BBQs, ask yourself:

  • Will it be easy to ignite?
  • Does it look easy to clean?
  • How easily can I control the temperature?

Take your time to peruse the selection available and if you have any questions about our portable barbeques and how easy they are to operate, please don’t hesitate to ask a member of the team.

  • What features do I need?

Portable barbeques are complemented by a variety of features, ranging from additional hotplates to side shelves which, it must be said, really are very handy when camping! Some of the other features that you should consider are:

  •  A temperature gauge. This is great if you cook roasts and similar meals.
  • Additional hotplates. These are also sold separately, so bear this in mind.
  • Most portable barbeques have a hood, though consider the height.

The features that a portable barbeque boasts are not always indicative of price, as the materials it’s constructed of and its overall quality plays a greater role in determining this.

  • Is the warranty suitable?

Generally speaking, the higher the quality of a portable barbeque, the longer the warranty offered. For example, a top-of-the-line gas or solid fuel Beefeater BUGG comes with a five-year warranty whereas a Gasmate Cruiser, one of our affordable yet feature-packed portable gas models, comes with a one-year warranty. Moreover, in addition to a manufacturer warranty, you can always expect great customer support from the team at Barbeque Bazaar.

With a great range of gas and solid fuel portable barbeques, Barbeque Bazaar has your camping needs covered. Visit us at our Balcatta and Cannington showrooms today.