To put it simply, there’s no other cooking method that can touch cooking over an open fire, making woodfired pizza ovens extremely popular acquisitions among those who appreciate fine gastronomy. At Barbeque Bazaar, we offer a superb range of premium-quality woodfired pizza ovens, along with some very cost-effective gas models featuring woodchip smoker boxes to deliver extra flavour, so whatever your budget, we have your pizza cooking needs covered!

wood powered pizza oven

The Benefits that Woodfired Pizza Ovens Deliver

Suitable for cooking so much more than pizza alone, woodfired pizza ovens have so much to offer everyone who recognises the importance and the pleasure of cooking delicious and nutritious meals at home. Here’s why we believe our range of Fontana pizza ovens have so much to offer.

  • Woodfired pizza ovens deliver an inimitable flavor

Delivering a unique and incomparable flavour, food cooked in a woodfired pizza oven will taste better than the same meal cooked in a conventional gas or electric oven. The wood certainly makes a difference to the flavour, which is a reason in itself to select your solid fuel wisely, however, the enhanced flavour isn’t only due to the scent of the wood permeating throughout the space but also the more even heat distribution that woodfired ovens deliver. For families with fussy young eaters, further enhancing the flavour of homecooked meals certainly has many excellent benefits to offer.

  • The woodfired cooking process helps to retain nutrients

Woodfired pizza ovens cook pizzas quickly, which is a great benefit for families with hectic, rushed lifestyles, but the faster cooking process also delivers another great benefit, that of helping to better retain nutrients. Long cooking processes tend to deplete vegetables, meats and other foods of their nutrients, so by cooking in a woodfired oven, your meals will be healthier and more nutritious. This is an important consideration, for although you may be buying fresh produce, if the nutrients are going to be depleted during the cooking process, there really isn’t much point in buying fresh food.

  • Woodfired pizza ovens can be used to cook much more than pizza

While many people believe that woodfired ovens are only useful for cooking pizza (and perhaps garlic bread as well), that isn’t the case at all, as woodfired pizza ovens can be used to cook a wide range of meals. After all, throughout history, people across the world have been cooking with woodfired ovens, from the tandoors of India to the domed ovens of North Africa, not to mention the woodfired kitchen ovens once commonplace in England, Ireland, Europe and even here in Australia.

A woodfired oven is an extremely versatile oven that enables you to cook absolutely anything that you would ordinarily cook in a conventional oven and a whole lot more. From roast vegetables and meats to Moroccan tagines and fresh sourdough bread, you’ll find that woodfired ovens enable you to do more in the kitchen than ever before.

  • They reduce energy costs and enable your household to reduce its carbon footprint

Although woodfired ovens produce smoke as a result of burning wood, they are remarkably energy-efficient and operate without the use of any electricity or gas at all. If you’re looking for a way to reduce your household’s energy consumption and lead a greener lifestyle, a woodfired pizza oven is an excellent investment, one that will help you to reduce your household’s carbon footprint.

A culinary delight that no longer need be ordered from a local pizzeria, cooking delicious woodfired pizzas at home is just the beginning with the superb range of premium-quality Fontana woodfired ovens available at Barbeque Bazaar, Western Australia’s favourite woodfired pizza oven retailer.  

Fontana Pizza Ovens

Fontana has been the leading name in woodfired pizza ovens across the world for over 60 years. Renowned for their highly-effective cooking solutions which are technically superior as well as aesthetically appealing, Fontana designs and manufactures a fantastic selection of premium-quality, Italian-made woodfired pizza ovens, including Margherita, Mangiafouco and Divino, all of which Barbeque Bazaar has in stock at our two showrooms in Balcatta and Cannington.

Gas Pizza Ovens

If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to a woodfired pizza oven, Barbeque Bazaar offers a selection of gas pizza ovens which can be used with woodchips for an enhanced flavour. Available in stainless steel and vitreous enamel, these ovens can be used to cook a variety of foods in addition to pizzas and while designed for use with propane gas, are certified for conversion to natural gas.

Whatever your budget and the size of your cooking space, Barbeque Bazaar has the ideal woodfired or gas pizza oven for your requirements. Should you have any questions about our pizza ovens, please don’t hesitate to contact the team by calling your nearest Barbeque Bazaar showroom – 08 9240 7188 (Balcatta) or 08 9458 5724 (Cannington) – or by completing our online enquiry form